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What's up y'all. It's your boy Marcus and I'm done kiddin' around on you guys. It's time to get freakin' big! We here at Boss Supplements have had enough of the snake oil supplements you find on every corner of the internet... you know, things in giant jars that claim to "rip you up" and get you in the best shape of your life within 30 days. This. Stuff. Doesn't. Work.

Trust me on this.

I've tried every supplement out there, in fact I worked at GNC for over 5 years and had the chance to try out nearly everything in the store. And what did I learn after all this trail and error? I learned that so many of these supplements on the shelves simply do not do what they claim to do. They have a ton of filler ingredients and just simply don't get the job done. This is unacceptable.

That's why I started Boss Supplements. This site was created to highlight some of the best performers in the supplement field, powerful concoctions that will really change the way you work out. We've taken them all, and we know what works and what doesn't

Trust us, we are pros.

So sit back and get ready for the ride of your supplement-laden life, cause it's about to get real.

Welcome, to Boss Supplements.

Let's get you started on something I'm sure you'll love: Legal Steriods. These things are NO JOKE and work almost as well as the real deal. Yep, when I say the real deal I'm talking about Dianabol, Winsol, Anavar, the big daddy steroids that have been proven to rip you up but come with a bunch of side effects. If you were really trying to get huge, you would deal with these side effects (this is not fun, trust me, and also very detrimental to your health), but thanks to modern day technology there are better ways to go about this.

Here is a great list of replacements for steroids, including my personal favorite, D-Bal. Give em a try and let me know what you think!